Vaginal Health Matters!

There are a few things you can personally do to make sure your vagina is as healthy as possible. Contrarily to what most people believe, the vagina is a self cleansing organ. You don’t need to soap it or try to clean it in any other way. Ignore the feminine washes, they are completely unnecessary. On this same subject, the scented panty perfume is not good for your vagina. This can cause vaginal irritation. Secondly, the vaginal odors you may experience are due to an unbalanced pH level. You should be finding out the root of your problem, not just masking the scent.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your vagina is at its healthiest is visiting the gynecologist one every year. This will ensure you don’t have any STDs or infections. Make sure you opt for the cotton underwear. They can be sexy too! And they can help to make sure that your vagina stays fresh. Cotton allows the vagina to breath and absorbs an excess moisture. Wearing other fabrics, such as silk, the moisture is trapped and your vaginal pH can become unbalanced. Read more about these tips at


You’ve made it to Passion For Vaginal Tightening where we want to bring your passions for vaginal health to life. There are some things that make a woman a woman. The vagina is the start of where that feeling fosters. We are going to be discussing vaginal health and the best ways to tighten your vag. Check back soon for our next article.